5 Ways to Make Airplane Meals More Exciting

A food writer shares hacks for your next flight.

By Naomi Tomky

Most airplane meals are notoriously unappealing, but with a little creativity, you can make your in-flight food a touch more interesting, right at your seat. Just do what your mother always told you not to do: play with your food.

Make cookies into pie.

Jazz up the free Biscoff cookies handed out on most major U.S. airlines with an old flight-attendant secret: Squeezing lime juice from the beverage cart on top makes them taste like key lime pie.

Mix a Basque cocktail.

Salvage even mediocre plane wine by turning it into the kalimotxo, a popular cocktail from Spain’s Basque region. Simply order a Coke with your wine and mix in equal parts. Finish with a squeeze of lemon, if you’re feeling fancy.

Butter it better.

Airplane entrées often arrive dry and bland, but a quick remedy improves nearly all of them. Uncover the dish, slip in the butter pat from your meal and re-cover it, letting the butter melt into the food for a few minutes before you dig in.

Add some crunch.

The most difficult texture to preserve in a plane entrée is crunch, so combat the softness of your meal by saving your snack peanuts. Crush them up a bit and sprinkle over your dish—you’ll add good texture and an extra boost of flavor-enhancing salt.

Put on your headphones.

Our senses are all interconnected, and sound is proven to influence your perception of flavor. Ready for dessert? High-pitched notes bring out sweetness.

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  • Published: October 2017