How to Fit In Exercise on Vacation

Keep to your routine with these tips.

By Hannah Wallace

We asked Ashleigh Kayser, owner of Portland, Oregon–based fitness center the Refinery, for her tried-and-true advice on how to build exercise into your next vacation.

Find out if there’s a fitness center.

You can squeeze in a workout every day if your resort has a gym. Kayser also checks to see if any classes are offered. Sometimes, she’ll hire a personal trainer. “It’s expensive, but if he or she is a good trainer, it can be worth it.”

Do a little recon.

Another great option: Seek out a nearby studio or fitness center. Kayser tends to look for spin studios, barre classes or a weight-lifting workout. “Having a class to go to is another way I can carve out a little time for me,” she says. But she’s also been known to hunt down a high school track or stairs she can run up and down.

Play with your kids.

If you’re traveling with children, find inventive ways to keep them and you moving. Kayser and her husband play tennis with their two older boys. When they’re at the beach, Kayser will show her younger sons a game she used to play as a kid. The participants stand on the shore and try to be the first to jump over 10 waves as they roll in. “The players who don’t succeed have to run to the lifeguard station and back,” she explains. “If I’m trying to get a sprint in, then I’ll lose on purpose, which my boys love.”

Travel with a band.

Consider packing a circular resistance band that you can use to strengthen your glutes, abdominal muscles and knees. “I always travel with one,” says Kayser. “It shapes your body much like a barre workout, but also, after tons of walking, it keeps you from getting a sore back and hips.” Plus, it’s the size of a headband, so it won’t take up much space in your carry-on.

  • NOTE: Information may have changed since publication. Please confirm key details before planning your trip.
  • Published: June 2017