The Interview: Molly Sims

The lifestyle blogger on traveling as a mom of three, and more.

By Michele Shapiro

Molly Sims blogs about entertaining, motherhood, and travel at
Photo: Gia Canali

In your latest book, Everyday Chic, you give tips on everything from entertaining to organizing your space. Timeshare owners often spend a full week at a resort. What are some ways that they can make their room feel personal?

Bring your own sheets. It will make you feel more at home. Also, make sure to stock the fridge with the food and drinks you enjoy most!

Is there a vacation spot that never disappoints?

Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico, is my absolute favorite. It’s so easy to hop on a plane and go on a whim. It’s only two hours away [from our home in L.A.], and my kids love it. My favorite thing to do there is nothing. We’re always on the go when we’re home, and it’s our time to just play, swim, and relax!

Any tips for traveling with kids?

First, it pays to be overprepared. Bring enough snacks, food, and formula for up to 24 hours because you never know what can happen—there will always be delays and cancellations. Second, have a good bag. You want it to be durable and easily accessible. I love a carry-on with a long strap, or a backpack. Another major tip I have (call me crazy) is to carry a dog pee pad to change the babies on. I’m telling you, it’s the best. My biggest lifesaver of all, however, is the iPad®!* We play all types of games on it, including educational ones; make sure it’s fully charged beforehand. We also have a pen that you put water in, and the kids can color without a mess. Honestly, I could go on forever.

You often write about wellness on your blog at What’s your advice for eating well and exercising while traveling?

Let’s be honest, there’s a reason I’m on vacation, and that’s to enjoy it! Yes, I’ll do some cardio at the gym, but I really don’t make it a priority. I swear by my 8Greens tablets. It’s a dietary supplement with spinach, wheatgrass, kale, blue-green algae, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, and aloe vera. No matter what country I’m in, 8Greens is the one thing that is my constant.

Where do you go when you can steal away with just your husband?

We’re all about a three-day getaway! We go to Napa because that’s where we got married. Our favorite vineyard is Napa Valley Reserve, where we had our engagement. Our last big trip together was to Cannes and Capri. We had the best time!

What advice can you offer others on how to make time to get away?

I think the best way to find time for travel is to take advantage of your days off! Use your weekends and holiday breaks to go on vacations. I’m a firm believer in working hard and playing just as hard. Life is all about balance, and you have to make time for the things you enjoy.

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  • Published: Winter 2018