Travel Gear: Staying Charged On the Road

Keep your smartphone ready to go with these portable batteries, adapters and chargers.

By Tom Samiljan | Photography by Pamela Ashley Pasco

1) Tylt Energi 5K+

Leave the USB cables at home: This superslim charger has built-in Lightning and micro-USB cables that fold into the side of the device when you aren’t using them.; $90

2) Tumi T-Tech International Travel USB Power Adapter

This all-in-one adapter’s four built-in retractable plugs let you power your gadgets in more than 150 countries, and the USB plug simultaneously charges cell phones, headsets and more.; $30

3) Victorinox Travel Power Strip

Make the most of that single plug in the airport lounge with Victorinox’s portable strip. No bigger than a candy bar, it offers a trio of three-pronged AC outlets, and a USB port, to power everything from a Bluetooth® header to a laptop.; $30

4) Monster Mobile® PowerCard™ V2

Slim enough to slide iinto most wallets, pockets and handbags, Monster’s credit-card-size battery provides smartphones with five hours of extra juice.; $40

5) Ventev Dashport Q1200

Rushing to the airport in your rental car with an empty smartphone battery? The turbo car charger gives smartphones six hours of extra life in as little as 15 minutes.; $35

6) Solpro Helios Smart™

This charger unfolds into a triptych. Exposing it to just 90 minutes of sunlight, on a table or hanging from your backpack, is enough to charge a smartphone.; $119

7) HyperJuice Plug 18,000 mAh

This 18,000 mAh portable battery is a powerhouse: Not only does it add 26 hours of life to a tablet, but it also juices up your smartphone 11 times on a single charge.; $110 

8) Fluxmob Bolt

A charger and battery in one, this device lightens your load. The battery, which revives a smartphone on a single charge, plugs right into the wall.; $50

  • NOTE: Information may have changed since publication. Please confirm key details before planning your trip.
  • Published: Fall 2015