Top Electric Bikes for Travelers

Zipping around new places has never been more fun.

By Tom Samiljan

Electric bikes are great for travelers who want the benefits of getting around without a car or public transit but don’t want to break much of a sweat. Most have assisted pedaling, which means you still have to pedal, but you can tap into the electric motor to add momentum. The power can typically be adjusted via a handlebar throttle, allowing you to make your ride easier or more challenging.

While e-bikes won’t fit in the average suitcase, many are foldable and can be packed into a trunk or minivan. And more and more, bike shops and manufacturers are offering rentals and tours. Here are four models—and one e-scooter—that can help you get around on vacation.

For Value:

Cyclamatic CX2

At 57 pounds, the Cyclamatic CX2 isn’t the smallest or lightest option on the market, but you won’t find a decent folding e-bike for much less, and the aluminum body is of high quality. The bike can run for 31 miles before needing a recharge, depending on how much pedal assist you use.; from $600

For Adventure:

Pedego Trail Tracker Fat Tire Bike

The sturdy tires on Pedego’s Trail Tracker can tackle everything from dirt to snow. It comes in a variety of sizes that can accommodate riders with a range of heights, so the whole family can join in. What’s more, these bikes are available for rent at Pedego locations across the globe, which also offer guided e-bike tours around hilly terrains from Cozumel to the Cotswolds.; from $2,495

For Performance:

Stromer ST1 X

This Swiss-made model can go up to 28 miles an hour for 70 miles—enough to travel Switzerland’s countryside from Gsteig to Gstaad and back again at least half a dozen times without stopping. Other features include a touch screen that displays speed, gear and battery level, and a smartphone app that lets you lock and unlock the bike remotely (as well as manage the built-in alarm system with its GPS locator).; from $5,500

For Utility:

Lithium Cycles Super 73

Evoking a retro vibe with its candy red paint job, the Super 73 can accelerate up to 35 miles an hour with pedal assist, adjustable via handlebar throttle. With 4.25-inch-thick tires, this easy rider can tackle some off-road situations, too, and is made all the more fun with extra features like a bottle opener and a cup holder.; from $3,000

For Compactness:

Urb-E Sport

This portable e-scooter weighs just 30 pounds but can take you as fast as 14 miles per hour for 16 miles on a single charge. There are no pedals, but it’s convenient for road trips, since it folds and unfolds like a pair of scissors and can be stowed even in small hatchbacks. An added bonus: Its removable power source can also charge up to four devices and a laptop via a USB port. urb-e.comfrom $899

  • NOTE: Information may have changed since publication. Please confirm key details before planning your trip.
  • Published: June 2017